Andy came to my house and put in an alarm system over 30 years ago, and I haven’t had any problems with the alarm. I remember that the cost was reasonable, but this was over 3 decades ago. I know the system still works great because too often, I accidentally set it off. A couple of times over the past three decades, the backup battery dies, so I have to call them up and they come out and replace the battery. A few years ago, they noted during a call to replace the battery that my alarm hardware was dated and they replaced it. About a year ago, I told them that the pressure pads under the carpets stopped functioning years earlier, so they replaced them with more effective and sturdy motion sensors instead. In addition, my keypads were wearing out after 30+ years, so they had to replace them. I can’t see any wiring inside my house, so I have no idea how they do what they do. They’ve given me home security and good service for over three decades. What more can I ask for?

- Doctor G.

I have been using AA Master Locksmith for several years, and I am very satisfied with them. I would recommend AA Master Locksmith.

- Patrick L.

Andy always takes the time to make sure the job is done well. He does great work. I know I can trust him to do it right.

- Stacie K.

I went with AA Master Locksmith instead of the big guys. I decided to go with AA Master Locksmith based on several factors, which include quality of work, required monitoring contract terms, and price.  On all three fronts, AA Master Locksmith beats the competition. My installer was very professional, efficient, and he cleaned up after himself. He asked for my input on installation decisions and accommodated my requests. As for monitoring, many alarm installers nowadays require a 2-3 year monitoring commitment before they install any alarm. AA Master Locksmith only requires 1 year of monitoring at reasonable rates. As for the final factor, price, AA Master Locksmith is considerably cheaper than the competition. I was able to get the keypads, sensors, and monitoring for a reasonable total cost

- Jeff H.

I am on the board of a condominium, and we had used AA Master Locksmith since the complex was built in 1999. The most important thing about AA Master Locksmith is honesty: Andy will not simply replace something that is better repaired, and we found his technical skills in the areas of alarms and security to be unsurpassed. AA Master Locksmith is not just a company that happens to sell security equipment; it’s a security company from the ground up. It’s truly unusual to find a company that offers both value and the highest level of expertise, and I couldn’t recommend Andy and AA Master Locksmith more highly.

- Norman K.

Knowledgeable about security and honest in dealing with your security needs. Uses quality components and provides prompt service. A good choice!

- Richard C.

Andy quickly responded to my project after an electrician closer to my home was not available on the date requested. After a some interaction on the phone and email, the project was agreed to and completed without issue on the day requested.

- Robert W.